Friday, October 15, 2010

An anniversary...

Thirty nine months ago today I smoked my last cigarette.Now, only the "big" anniversaries are observed. You know, one year, two year, thirty months, three years, etc."Thirty nine months," in the scheme of things, almost seems insignificant. It's most certainly not, though. On the 15th of each month, I mark each monthly anniversary with an amazingly still-fresh sense of wonder and awe...I remember back when each passing week and month were such important milestones in what was once a seemingly impossible journey to freedom.Three years ago today, on the occasion of my three month anniversary, our dear bonnie launched a congratulatory thread marking the occasion. I'd like to reprint my reply to her and to all of the wonderful people who inhabit this magical place.I don't do so as a "vanity post;" rather, as an affirmation that, three years later, I still feel the same about this wonderful quit smoking resource that Fred Kelley has freely made available

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