Monday, October 25, 2010

Bars, Cigs and Friends

So on Sat 10/16 I went to a Halloween party where I live. It seemed like everyone was smoking around me and that was the first time I had any alcohol in almost 4 months. I had a few drinks. I did feel anxious for a little while when I first got there, it was strange. At the end of the night I had a smoker on each side of me (outside) and I was thinking WTH LOLThis past Sat I went out with my friend to a bar/club but I didn't feel like having any I just had water all night. I forgot that this place (Blue Martini) lets you smoke indoors (almost all the bars and clubs do here if they don't have a big food menu) I thought it was non smoking and thats one of the reasons I picked it. You know what else I forgot? Just how much the place REEKS of cigs because the last time I was there I was a smoker so I didn't even notice it of course. WOW!!! IT STUNK and I was surprised at how many smokers I saw. Of course it sticks out to me more now but still..surprising. A lot of 21 year old

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