Friday, October 22, 2010

Denver continues hospital smoking bans

Denver continues hospital smoking bans
DENVER - If you are looking for a drag around Denver area hospitals, you will continue to have to walk across the street.

Deplorable behavior tarnishes Rooney's reputation forever
LONDON — Thick, greedy, mercenary, unfaithful to his wife, photographed urinating and smoking outside a bar, has brought Manchester United into disrepute by his off-field actions, injured and hopelessly out of form; Wayne Rooney's resume for the second half of 2011 is surely one that even he must look at with shame. That, of course, pre-supposes he cares. It takes years for a player to build up ...

MP calls for landlords to decide on smoking in pubs
BURNHAM and Highbridge MP Tessa Munt says pubs and restaurants should be able to decide if they allow smoking on their premises.

DWI charge dismissed against State Representative Eddie Rodriguez
Democratic State Representative Eddie Rodriguez was arrested back in March after a traffic stop in East Austin. On

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