Saturday, October 23, 2010

Cigar nostalgia

I'm feeling a little sad about not being able to smoke cigars anymore. Cigarettes are gross and stupid, a perceived "need." I don't really miss them as such. Cigars are a little different to me. A want, not a need. I used to smoke about one cigar a week. Every Tuesday, a group of my girlfriends and I would meet at a local coffee shop and order a coffee and smoke a cigar each, talking and laughing. I knew that if I went this week, I would have a hard time (I quit Monday), so I bowed out of our plans. I hate to give up my Tuesdays, and since my friends mostly aren't cigarette smokers (only one of the group, my sister), I'm thinking we can move our girls' night inside the coffee shop and skip the cigar part all together. Before I quit, I told myself that I could keep smoking my one cigar a week once I quit smoking, but the more I learn about the reality of nicotine addiction, the less I think that cigars are safe. (I got some good info here at

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