Monday, October 25, 2010

It's the little things

That make me appreciate my quit. I went to Atlanta this weekend and the old me would stress anytime I travelled. When and where would I be able to smoke? Sitting in the airport I would also be on edge wanting that next fix. Anywhere I'd go I'd be looking for when or how I could get my fix. Crazy stuff. So this weekend no stress. Went to Taste of Atlanta and saw a couple lighting up in the middle of the crowd of folks eating great food. You could see they were almost trying to hide it. But they needed the fix. I said to my sister...see that used to be me. She smiled and said I know and I'm proud of you. Found out later she had also given Alan Carr's book to her stepson. So many things this weekend that in the past would have triggered an urge to smoke. I am thankful they no longer have that

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