Sunday, October 10, 2010

Taking a step back

I've only been on here for a month or so, but I have always felt that the people here have been very supportive and friendly. I would hate all of that support and goodwill to go down the drain because of this post or that post. I think we all need to remember why we are here (or should be here) in the first place. No matter how you do it or when you do it, ridding your life of nicotine or supporting others to do so should be the single objective of everyone here. Everything else is, in my opinion, pointless for this board.This past week, I took my first overseas flight as a non-smoker and I must say it was a real pleasure to not knock down people to get to the nearest smoking area once we landed! And I was in France, where everyone smokes everywhere, but I didn't smoke once. I did see an old French friend. She had decided to "quit" on the day that I saw her. I've known her for years and she always seems to be at some stage of quitting, thinking about quitting or giving up

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