Sunday, October 10, 2010

Follow me on my Quit Diary

I have been lurking around this board for quite a while now, not only now but for many years. I have had numerous quit attemps, being the kind of "maniac" smoker if I can call it that. I have stated my way of smoking in an other thread. It is totally out of control. Basically I smoke 5 cigarettes at one time and then stop for hours, another 5 to 10 .. then again stop. All this time I think about quitting. Having a quite bad state of health, it is very important for me to win this battle against smoking. Tomorrow morning is the first day I will be totally smoke free. Will take this one day at a time with patience. I've read so many posts on this forum and realize that the quitting process is something very personal. My plan is to drink as much liquids as possible, especially teas that help to flush the nicotine out of the blood stream for about one week or so. My only problem is the depression I am struggling with for a few years now. Sometimes I blame the depression for not

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