Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Smoking & Alcohol

For those quitters who are still drinking alcohol, what has your experience been with it? This has been mine, and I am just wondering if it is similar for others. Just as an aside, the only thing I really drink is wine.First off, even though I used to smoke WAY, WAY more whenever I drank, I never had a problem with cravings when I drank, so I never had to give up alcohol when I was first quit, and still it doesn't really bother me to drink & not smoke.When I first quit, the cheap box wine I drink tasted SO BAD, I nearly gave it up altogether (but hardy soul that I am, I stuck with it). I did start having a glass of wine later in the evening, tho.Now, after 6 months, the wine tastes fine, but I still start drinking it later. But, I have noticed that whereas I used to be able to drink a LOT and not feel it, lately, I don't seem to be able to drink as much as I used to. But I haven't read anything that would support this happening.Just curious ... I certainly could stand to

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