Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A quit

a quit can be many things, for some it could be a savior or guiding light/I suppose for others it could be a chore, I guess for all at one point for different amounts of time it was like a second job. Some need a second job for money to pay bills at witch they hate to pay. Others it’s a second job to have money to go out and playIn other words some enjoy the work more then others But in all these things and all the things a quit can be, non of themAre a suit of armor. If you have any job in all this its only one , and that is you have to protect your quit. Sure its true a quit can mature and become a bit stronger , but it can never be left un guarded. Nicotine and Big tobacco have a silent partner,, silent that is until you decide to quit. Now in away this quit is nothing more then there bustard child. And this silent partner well tell you many times to get rid of this unwanted child. From day one. it will play dirty using all his trick and loves to use past abortions as its

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