Friday, October 15, 2010


Just 1 more reason out of sooooo many reasons not to ever light up. The #1 risk factor of P.A.D. is smoking. Well, I was at the Dr. this morning for a follow up on how my lungs are doing (of course because of smoking) and I mentioned to the Dr. that the calf of my left leg has been feeling weird. Not really hurting not sure if its because i sit with my leg underneath me all the time or the way I hold it when i'm sitting at the computer desk but I've seen those P.A.D. commercials so thought I would mention it to her. So she wants me to get an ABI test done. Thats where they check your blood pressure through out your leg. Anyway, yikes I hope I don't have. Of course like everything else my appt. probably won't be for a couple of mths. so won't know til then. KTQ

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