Sunday, October 10, 2010

My 2 cents........ and its long.....

I have not read all of the coming and goings of the SOS, relapse, failure to SOS debate and threads.I have read enough to have a few things I would like to say regarding all of it. Yes I am one of the "hold phartes" praise miracles. And one of the ways this was achieved, their were 'rules" sort of unspoken but then as folks posted, read, discussed how they felt how they had managed, what kept them NO MATTER WHAT from lighting up, the how too and way of success( rules) became more obvious.* People woud say for example, well now that you have given away your quit, perhaps you need to look at what why how was happening , what in THAT moment made you think SMOKING WAS A OPTION? It was often recommended they start back with some up front work, preparedness, reading etc and reset the date for several days or maybe a week later( while continuing to read but NOT post until they had put down the "drugs") *We were also asked promise to come post for help and wait

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