Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Mind over Matter

When we were kids, we all saw the adults around us smoking. In fact, this is the reason 90% of us started smoking in the first place. And yet if we asked for one, we were refused and told that it is a terrible, horrible habit that would kill us. And yet these adults continued to do it!When this happened, a subconscious belief grew in us that, at the very least, cigarettes must contain some 'magical' hidden attraction. There must be some great hidden pleasure or enjoyment in them - why else would people continue to do something that is killing them? And then as we got older - and actually smoked our first cigarette, we were further puzzled. We got nothing at all from the experience. In fact, it tasted awful - but yet the next day, we continued to smoke.Because we were convinced (brainwashed) that it was an inherently pleasurable act, we reasoned: "Maybe I just haven't found it yet?" And so we continued ... and of course, unknown to ourselves we become hooked - addicted.We

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