Thursday, October 21, 2010

I went for a walk today

Not a walk for exercise or to tag along with friends talking of things to come. Instead I walked threw the cemetery, to visitThe dead. Not where my father rest next to my mother, but many miles from there in a town near the coast. The gates were closed but not locked so I open the latch and walked right in The dates could be read, some stones you could tell had seen many winters standing tall marking the name of the buried belowJones, Smith, Louis, Herzog, and so many others Some lived for many years,, and some not so many. A few in fact just days. I think it was more common back then to bury the young and new born. As to it was more common to bury loved ones never really knowing why. Medicine took thousands and thousands of years to catch up to dieing. Still medicine can not cure many things but it can tell you what’s wrong. And even warn you of harmful things, that could and would see you dead if you kept on. As I walked I wondered, How many of theses graves did cigarettes dig.?

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