Thursday, October 21, 2010


Okay, heres my situation. Its kinda long, but please take the time to read it as I took the time to write it. I need some pointers here.I 'm 19, I began smoking tobacco in Grade 11. I used to smoke A LOT of pot, like a lot and I would mix tobacco with my weed and get a major head buzz. So eventually I began smoking cigarettes. I remember buying my first pack and saying, "holy crap, 25 smokes will last me a week!"Obviously, this was not the case and I became a habitual smoker. I would give up food to buy smokes, I remember going days without eating and just smoking because I'd have no money to buy food, and I'd spend my last buck on a pack of Pall Mall's. It got to the point of where I didnt even want the smoke and I'd gag but id still smoke it.So recrently, I have "quit" smoking. I say quit because 3 days ago I had a smoke (my buddy was over and he was smoking so I had a few drags which led to a full one and I got baked with tobacco last weekend, and I got drunk

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