Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Electronic cigarette is very

Electronic cigarette is very
In reply to E-cigarette is 'just as bad' : Electronic cigarette is very good products.why banned it?it's health and safe.The electronic cigarette are all be test before go to the market. A lot of customer buy the e-cigarette from our website,and introduce our shop to their friend,they all give our good reviews.And it used very well in chinese market.

Cheryl Cole trying to quit smoking
Cheryl Cole is trying to quit smoking.

2-year-old's song to Dad is an Internet hit
Sin Chew Daily reported about a two-year-old girl in Singapore who sang to her father, pleading to him to stop smoking. Apparently, the video clip of her singing has become a hit on the Internet after it was circulated through Facebook.

Dad aims to quit smoking after his kids finish Detroit marathon
Dave Trail, 57, of Mattawan may never smoke another cigarette again. He knows quitting won't be easy, but a promise is a

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