Monday, October 11, 2010

Day 8 has been the hardest for me by far!!!

So, today has been the hardest day for me yet. I awoke this am. and the first thought I had was, why bother getting up when you arent smoking anymore. So,I layed in bed for about an hour feeling sorry for myself-fantacising about cig. smoking. Then, I do finally get up and what is on my mind almost all day long? Smoking!!! I was kinda worried about myself for a few minutes this evening, but I went to my bf and talked myself out of the stinkin thinkin I was having. I have since eaten just about everything that is edible in the house, drank too much coffee and passed more gas than I ever have in my life tonight!!!! What is with this day???? I thought hell week was the first 7 days!!!! I am not having a very good day, I sure hope tomorrow gets better. Thanks for listening to my rambling...............and just so you know, I did NOT smoke today

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