Sunday, October 17, 2010

Ban smoking at Memorial University: MD

Ban smoking at Memorial University: MD
A Memorial University of Newfoundland professor is calling on the school to ban smoking on all its property - indoors and out.

Park Smoking Ban Compromise: Outdoor Smoking Sections!
Brainware3000's Flickr Today the City Council is holding hearings on the Bloomberg administration's controversial plan to ban smoking in all city parks, pedestrian plazas, beaches and boardwalks. Queens Councilmember Peter Vallone , who has been a longtime supporter of anti-smoking legislation, is introducing a compromise bill that would stop short of a full ban, and create smoking sections in ...

Smoking cessation classes offered
WOODSTOCK – The McHenry County Department of Health will offer the American Lung Association’s “Freedom from Smoking” program, a seven-week quit-smoking class for

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