Sunday, October 17, 2010

After you stop smoking..?

After you stop smoking..?

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After quitting smoking, will my lungs know how to restructure their lack of complaint? near enough time, they will. it also depends on how long you've smoked for but if you continue to live a robust lifestyle with exercise especially and proper diet, your lungs will definitely go and get better...After quitting smoking,is increased coughing and mucos middle-of-the-road? I quit smoking after 20+yrs last week,but since then,I've be coughing up mucos incessantly-normal or not? yes i quit many times and enjoy had this if i dont smoke for a few hours i have this yeah it's normal. The cell in your lungs and...After recovering from cancer is it forceful to smoke weed? my friend Danielle's mom just recovered from throat cancer and she had radiation and khemo on her frontage and she smokes weed now, is that fine?? Well, because its THROAT cancer, she shouldnt be smoking

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