Thursday, October 14, 2010

Almost had to post an SOS!

So, I was afraid I may have to post an SOS tonight. However, I just read this exerpt from Caring for Our Recovery by John R. Polito (founder of WhyQuit). Thanks to Susan posting this I am babying my quit this evening more than ever! I have had rotten thoughts all day about having "just one" or maybe smoking for a "few days" and then going back to my quit. dumb could I be? I did not smoke today and will not, the following paragraph snapped me out of the junkie thinking. Thank you Susan!!!!Instead of saying that you can handle“ just one ,” a truthful statement would have been “I can handle them all, give them all back to me, my entire addiction, all the ashtrays, the coughs, the stink, the endless stream of 4,000 plus deadly chemicals that come with each puff (including 43 known cancer causing agents), the constant gradual destruction of every cell in my lungs and the gradual clogging and hardening of every blood vessel in my body, the 50/50

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