Friday, October 15, 2010

What Are The Most Effective Smoking Alternatives?

What Are The Most Effective Smoking Alternatives?

Acquiring a firm will power and resolution to quit smoking is the only alternative to actually quit smoking because if you lack determination than no other alternative can eliminate your smoking addiction. Electronic cigarette is growing popular as a smoking alternative because it looks like real cigarette and makes the smokers feel like smoking thereby getting them out of the nicotine addiction. These cigarettes are cent percent smoke free and prevent the environment from getting polluted. These cigarettes exclude ill health effects and are absolutely safe way to kick out smoking from the life. Smokers should pre decide and write down the reasons for why they are going to quit smoking, such as to gain good health, to save money, to leave an ideal image before children and to prevent respiratory disorders for those who inhale the smoke. Weightlifting and boxing are other ways to combat craving of smoking. Rigorous

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