Saturday, October 16, 2010

Stop Smoking Q&A

Stop Smoking Q&A

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A quiz roughly speaking quitting smoking and not achievement consignment? I quit smoking 7 days ago after having this habit for 13 years. I am using the patch and it is working dutiful. My question is for those who did quit, what did you do to either not gain solidity or minimize the...A request for information in the order of quitting smoking? What is the longest amount of time anyone has felt chest discomfort when quitting smoking? Is 6 weeks too long to be reaction this discomfort? Thre is a doctor appointment set up for Tuesday, so just looking for opinions presently! P.S. ...A sound out roughly smoking weed? i'm 19 by the way..anywayz my friend is having a big 21st bday on untried years, she of course is going to have the beer and stuff approaching that, which doesnt bother me because i drink, but she will also have weed..i do want to try it just because,...A step fund within

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