Saturday, October 16, 2010

Something positive about my quit today

I just thought I'd start a thread where you can post something positive about quitting that you realized today. I'm no Pollyanna but and I've had my sad and my bad moments, like all of us, and I expect more, but each day I am also finding joy in not smoking and wanted to share that and thought it would be cool if we had a thread that could help ALL of us, especially those fairly new in their quit, to share the good points about not smoking and we can look back at this thread too when we're struggling to remind ourselves of why quitting IS good! My good thing: Today, I walked 2.4 miles to the library and though my legs got tired, I wasn't out of breath. Three months ago I could barely walk half a mile without getting winded and having to turn around and go home. Slowly, slowly, but surely, I am getting back into shape and using my body again rather than abusing

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