Thursday, October 14, 2010

Q&A: Has anyone used "New Roots Herbal - Stop Smoking" successfully?

Has anyone used "New Roots Herbal - Stop Smoking" successfully?
I've tried other methods to quit smoking without success. I am now looking for something natural and would like to hear from someone who has quit smoking without using drugs.

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Answer by Ryan WhiteI have heard that some people have had success quiting smoking cigarettes by first switching to a non addictive herbal replacement and then stopping that.

If you get something like damiana (yes legal) its a minor euphoric, which is good because it will dispel the anxiety from the nicotine addiction.

physically smoking the herb also satisfies the physical smoking habit.

once you beat the chemical addiction you can then work on the physical habit.

im not sure what that product you mentioned has in it but generally i think its better to just get herb leaf than a product... as it can be hard to know what stuff they put it in it.

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