Sunday, October 10, 2010

My Decision

After much thought, I've made my decision. I pray to God that I'll never ever pick up another cigarette, however, after the last couple of days, reading on here, if God forbid, I relapse, slip, fall off the wagon, no matter the word, it means the same thing, you smoked, I won't be posting about it here. I can't believe how insensitive and uncaring some have been towards newbies just trying to get a foot hold. I'm so disappointed in several people here that I looked up to and admired. You're no better than anyone else and have no right in calling them names and berating and belittling them. This is supposed to be the place for people having problems to turn to for advice and support, but some people I guess think it's only for people that can keep their quit and come here to get their back patted for doing so well. Yes it does help when you're told you're doing great, but it's just as important to support the ones that aren't doing so great, and TRY to understand, they want the same

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