Sunday, October 10, 2010

Monday Quit Train Ready for Boarding

Sigh. After several days away on a train-watching trip, I come home & find dissention on the QSMB. What's going on here???? We're supposed to be a SUPPORT GROUP, not a "my way or the highway" group. Surely everyone is welcome, regardless of where they are in their quit, and what their opinion is of the best way to get their quit.SO, let's put all that aside, and dig our heels into what we CAME here for ... and that is to QUIT SMOKING. I admit, I had a rough few days, being on vacation, being in places where it was SO EASY to be a smoker ... but, I'm ready to fire up the Quit Train with new enthusiasm. Who's on board with me? Monday is a holiday, so we'll be serving a great brunch in the NOSMO Cafe. Everyone is welcome aboard! Coffe is abrewing!Who wants to ride up in the cab with me? PamelaNC, saving a place for

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