Monday, October 11, 2010

Just Can't Believe the Excuses! Addiction is so sad!

I remember saying this garbage myself before this quit. Things like "Just cant do it, it's too hard and will make my life miserable - at least if I die of cancer I'll have enjoyed my life." How totally insane that sounds now. Addiction... so complicated, so controlling, so life stealing! Things change so much once you stop letting the addiction control you and your life. Toss out the smokes! Promise yourself that you will stay off smokes today! You'll see, you can do it! Once you do it, you will know that smoking did not make your life better, rather, it destroyed your life! Caused you to do and think things that you would have never even considered had you not been addicted to nicotine. Do it now, it is so very do-able, you will never ever regret it!! Your loved ones will appreciate it too! Life is so very improved once you lay down the addiction! Any other thought is simply the addiction coming

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