Monday, October 18, 2010

Concentration Trouble - Three Months and no changes

Hello all,Rather reaching my wits end and I was really hoping that I could get some advice. I'm at three months of not smoking (12 years of smoking before), just about all the cravings are gone. For the first month, well to be honest I kept telling myself this on the 2nd month too, I had horrible trouble with concentration. I read about this and it made sense that it would take a while for my brain to "reset" itself.Problem is, three months into this and there's no change. I usually describe it as a persistent headache...but that's not quite right. It's more like a fog, it's like even my vision isn't quite right anymore. I usually say headache because...well it's nearly physically painful to concentrate at any length anymore.I've tried Tyrosine supplements, which seemed to work for a little while but I think it must have been the placebo effect or something. Coffee helps a little bit and oddly enough there's something about diet soda that helps. I mentioned it at my

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